Helpful Apps For Drivers

By July 9, 2021 Tips
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You use your phone for calls, texts, internet, email, calendars, GPS and just about everything else. These devices can help make your life easier as a professional driver. Below you can find a list of apps that every professional driver should know about!

Trucker Path
Trucker Path:

This is one of the most popular professional driver apps. Trucker Path focuses on building maps for CDL drivers, providing trucker tools for truck navigation, and finding truck stops, truck parking, weigh stations, CAT scales and more.


Waze is the largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Waze provides real-time updates provided by real people on the app including police presence, accidents, and traffic jams.

Gas Buddy
Gas Buddy:

Gas Buddy is an in-depth gas and diesel app that gives you a look at nationwide fuel prices. This app provides a price map, trip cost calculator, and gas price charts.

Truck Smart
Truck Smart:

Truck Smart is a TA Petro app. It is an all-purpose app that will allow you to find TravelCenters/Petro sites that are within 2550 miles from your current location, a complete list of amenities at the TravelCenters/Petro sites, current fuel prices, turn by turn directions, current site weather, available showers, and available parking.


FleetSafer is an app that automatically engages when driving movement is detected and blocks messages and notifications you might receive while driving and auto responds with “I’m driving”. There is a Quick Dial feature that allows you to 2 click dialing to preselected numbers and you can allow priority callers to be allowed to call you at all times.

Weather Channel
Weather Channel App:

This app lets you look at weather forecast up to two weeks in advance. It also provides alerts and notifications with weather updates for whatever area you are currently in.

Storm Shield
Storm Shield:

This weather app lets you stay on top of local weather conditions and uses GPS to give you severe weather alerts for your exact location. Storm Shield also offers voice notifications, so you do not have to look at your phone while you are driving.

Rolling Strong
Rolling Strong:

Rolling Strong is a health and wellness company that focuses specifically on professional drivers. Rolling Strong focuses on three main areas – nutrition, fitness, and sleep. This app offers you exercise, and meal plans while on the road.

My Fitness Pal
My Fitness Pal:

My Fitness Pal is a calorie counting app. You can track your daily food intake and find out exactly how many calories, carbohydrates, fat grams, and sugar you eat and drink every day. The exercise part of the app helps you keep track of the physical activity and tell you how many calories you burn. It even allows you to keep a record of in-truck exercises you can do like sit ups and pushups.

Of course, you do not want too many apps on your phone, so just download the ones that you think would benefit you. And above all else, keep your hands away from your phone while driving!