Is Trucking a Good Career Choice for You?

An honest look into the life of a professional truck driver

Within the trucking industry you have job security, good compensation, strong benefits and freedom; all the elements that make a great career. As the demand for goods increases, more professional truck drivers will be needed to keep supply chains moving, thus employment is projected to grow in the next 10 years.

You may have your assumptions when it comes to the trucking industry, but it is impossible to have a true understanding of what to expect as a professional truck driver until you see what life on the road is really like. To find out if a career in trucking is right for you, watch our docuseries, Shiny Side Up: A Witte Bros. Documentary, where you meet Joe, a professional driver and trainer for Witte Bros. who’s been on the road for roughly 40 years.

Watch our AWARD WINNING documentary series about life on the road with Witte Brothers Exchange!

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Meet Joe, a Witte veteran

Episode One: Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day on the midwest interstate. We meet Joe who explains what life as a trucker is really like nowadays and how it has evolved over the years. Joe enjoys the sights of Grain Valley, MO over BBQ and cigars.

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Episode Two: The Cowboy on 18 Wheels

Joe makes his way to Kansas City. We meet Witte employee, Dawn, who shares her experience with Witte and working personally with Joe. Joe opens up about his early dreams and aspirations of becoming a truck driver while working at his father’s gas station. A wait in KC is longer than expected.

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Episode Three: The Snowball Effect

We meet Zach who recounts what he learned from Joe in Witte Bros. Truck Driving School. A layover in Kansas City results in a late appointment in Olathe. This makes for an even longer wait in the truck. Come time to leave, a simple miscommunication at the receiving office turns heated. Joe faces the consequences.

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Episode Four: The Road Home

Joe’s schedule is pushed back. After finally making all of his deliveries, it’s time to clean out the truck. A call to his fiancee, Brenda, sends Joe homeward with a smile. Joe prepares to head out the next day with a new cargo in tow.

Excellent Pay

Driver’s wages are more than double the federal minimum wage and allow for living a comfortable lifestyle, especially with benefit options including full insurance and retirement. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for professional truck drivers in 2018 was $43,680.

Immediate Need for Drivers

With a shortage of professional truck drivers year after year, there are many opportunities for career advancement.

Freedom of the Road

Being on the road offers many the sense of freedom they desire — not to mention drivers are getting paid to see the country! Life as a professional driver offers benefits that can far outweigh the negatives. So why is there a shortage of drivers? Some people may find certain aspects challenging but the team at Witte considers their drivers their largest commodity and always bends over backward to help them do their job.
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So Is Trucking a Good Career Choice? You bet it is!

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