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Witte Brothers has an all conventional fleet of air-ride Peterbilt and Freightliner tractors with plenty of horsepower, Jake-brakes, automatic transmissions, and luxury interiors including flat screen TV’s, DVD Players, refrigerators, and inverters

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Driver comfort starts right where you sit

Have a seat. You’ll notice the height, length and back rests are all adjustable. The seat has an air suspension with fore and aft isolators, and lumbar support to help keep you comfortable and alert for hours at a time. Your back will thank you.
The steering wheel is large and ergonomically designed. It tilts and telescopes, adjusting to the driving position most comfortable for you. Light and radio controls are right there on the steering wheel stalk. Instrument panels are large and brightly lit, so you can easily read them both day and night. And the ergonomically designed dash keeps all switches and main controls within your reach. All you have to do is drive.


Peace and quiet are important to comfort too. Some passenger cars wish their interiors were this quiet. The cab is fully insulated to minimize noise and vibration. The longer the trip, the more you’ll appreciate it. Freightliner’s unique cab air suspension system with widely spaced air bags and lateral shock absorbers provides an incredibly comfortable ride.

The Sleeper Cab: Your Home Away From Home

At the end of the day, you may not be behind the wheel, but you’re still in your truck. So the sleeper needs to be a place you look forward to spending the night.

Convenience is the key to your comfort. That’s why you’ll find temperature and lighting controls located within easy reach of the bunk-no fumbling around in the middle of the night. And all cabinets have doors instead of nets, so you can keep items secure and out of sight when not in use.


Aerodynamic in the Peterbilt Tradition

There is only one aerodynamic conventional truck that delivers best-in-class technology and serviceability performance while remaining – first and foremost – a driver’s truck: Peterbilt’s Model 579. The Model 579 features a bold new design available in either medium or long hood lengths, gracefully elevating it to a level of performance, durability and resale value that is worthy of the Peterbilt red oval.


Beyond the distinctive appeal of its smooth flowing profile lies the real world, practical considerations of this premium aerodynamic design. A unique, contoured roof cap directs air more efficiently around the trailer. A dramatically sloped hood and sleek new fender design optimize airflow while maximizing visibility through the aerodynamically shaped windshield.

All new headlight technology projects a light beam farther and more evenly down the road, reducing driver fatigue. And features like regional electrical load centers, proven circuit board technology, and an engine-mounted, side-by-side cooling system not only enhance performance, but add a practical new dimension of serviceability.


Inside, a full 30-inches of walk-through space between the seats offers easy access to a sleeper that can be configured in one of three different ways, with four color choices and two trim levels. Whatever the options, the driver is surrounded with luxurious amenities and plush textures, not to mention an abundance of practical storage space, including an industry-leading 25 cubic feet of under-bunk storage.

Uncompromising in reliability and safety, superior ride and handling, low cost of operation and serviceability, the Model 579 is as efficient as it is distinctive.

Style & Comfort

Long on legroom for driver and passenger alike, and specially designed to filter out unwelcome exterior noise, the cab of the Model 579 is quiet and comfortable.

Spacious and efficient, the Model 579 features a full 30-inches of walk-through between the seats offering easy access to a sleeper that surrounds the driver with luxurious amenities and plush textures available in four color schemes. A 42-inch liftable bunk, available with the Premium Length sleeper, is one of the widest in the industry, and beneath it is an industry leading 25 cubic feet of storage accessible from exterior baggage doors.