Cold Chain Management

Witte Bros. offers full-service programs for food manufacturing companies from beginning to end. We handle the complete product lifecycle throughout the entire cold chain from temperature-controlled shipping to cold storage warehousing — all in a secure and efficient manner.

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Transportation and Cold Storage Programs

Customizable distribution plans are our specialty. Whether you need truckload, LTL, warehousing, consolidation, or a combination of these services, we are your total distribution solution for frozen food products.

We understand the full process of the cold chain, as well as the challenges companies encounter. Since we fully own and operate our transportation assets and cold storage warehouse, we are able to offer you a reliable, cost-effective program that is backed by our 60 years of experience as a third-party logistics company. Choosing Witte Bros for your distribution and warehousing services saves you time, money, and the hassle of dealing with multiple 3PLs.

Let us design a program that will improve your distribution efficiencies and increase accuracy while maintaining product integrity and security. Contact Witte Bros. today!

Centralized Cold Storage Warehouse

As a third-party logistics company that serves the entire lower 48 states, it is important to be conveniently located. Our centralized cold storage facility is located in Troy, MO, which allows us to easily transport around the country while maintaining the highest integrity of your perishable food products. Our 99% on-time delivery, coupled with a claim ratio of less than 1% over the past 12 years, makes us a premier carrier.

Cold Chain Process

Each step in the cold chain needs to run properly in order to maintain your company’s efficient operation. When one cog isn’t on point, the entire cold chain is affected.

We can provide complete movement of your product from your manufacturing facility to each of your customers.

  1. Our temperature-controlled trucks will pick up the product at your manufacturing facility.
  2. We will safely transport the product to our centralized, state-of-the-art cold storage warehouse.
  3. We carefully unload the product, following all USDA and FDA safety regulations.
  4. We barcode the pallets, electronically inputting them into our warehouse management system.
  5. Our professional staff uses top-of-the-line equipment to store the product in our organized racking system within the proper temperature-monitored area.
  6. The product is stored and managed by our team until you release it to be shipped out.
  7. Whether your order requires case picking, full pallet picks, or a combination, our team is capable of handling all scenarios efficiently.
  8. We load the product onto our trucks and transport it to the end customer or destination.

Quality Control Every Step of the Way

As your products work their way through the cold chain, it is important that they are being monitored for quality. Our storage, inventory, and reporting are all managed within our state of the art software program. The customer is able to access this system through a web portal and receive real-time, full transparency information throughout the entire cold chain. Our cold storage warehouse facility has 24-hour monitoring in place to ensure your products are held under the right temperature and conditions. Our refrigerated trucks incorporate the latest technology for temperature management while your products are on the road.

3PL Cold Chain Management

Witte Bros. will take care of your temperature-controlled shipping and storage needs from initial pickup to end delivery and every step in between! Contact us for a custom-tailored cold chain solution.


Your Shipping Partner

Witte Bros. Exchange wants to be your shipping & logistics partner in solving your time sensitive transportation needs. Contact us today or fill out or Rate Request Form. Requests for rates will generally be responded to within 24 hours.