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Carrier’s Vector 8500 truckload series, used by Witte Bros. leads the way in advanced cargo protection.
Carrier’s Vector 8600MT series of multi-temperature control systems for trailers ushers in a new era in transport refrigeration.

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Precise temperature control, monitoring and recording.

Fueled by growing concerns over temperature inaccuracy and contamination of perishable food products, governments and customers worldwide are demanding tighter control and more accurate monitoring of temperatures throughout the “cold chain”. Regulatory bodies like the USDA and FDA have become industry partners in this effort, creating the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) as a means of control.

At the same time, transport companies continually seek greater fuel efficiency, along with systems that run quiet, and are easy to maintain and operate. The Vector series meets these new challenges head on, by incorporating the latest technology and innovation into the industry’s most advanced temperature control systems. Reliability, temperature control, fast pull down, ease of use, fuel efficiency, quiet operation… they’re all here.

Not just temperature control, but total temperature management.

The Vector 8500 and 8600MT units give you more than the ability to control trailer temperatures. They take into consideration all the things that affect cargo temperatures, allowing you to then structure a temperature management system that fits your particular needs.

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Getting to the right temperature faster.

It’s simple math. The faster you can get the trailer temperature pulled down to the required level for the cargo, the faster you can load and be on the road. The Vectors air-management system optimizes all aspects of the fan system to provide exceptional performance and efficient use of horsepower by providing a higher cooling capacity – 60,000 BTU at 35 degrees F and 24,000 BTU at -20 degrees F.

Witte Tight Temp Control

Industry’s tightest temperature control

Temperature control is provided by the Carrier Transicold APX control system. This system is the next generation of modulation control technology and is a standard feature on the 8500 and 8600MT.

It maintains temperature within a very narrow band, allowing a supply of moist, cool air to be delivered throughout the cargo with continuous circulation, thereby minimizing dehydration. Fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered in superior condition, and top freezing is eliminated.

Once the system is set to the desired temperature, the unit will operate automatically to maintain the desired temperature within very close limits. This provides unmatched control of refrigerant flow, resulting in exceptional temperature control. 


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