Tips For Team Truck Driving

Team driving involves two drivers sharing the responsibility of picking up and delivering the freight. The goal is to minimize the number of breaks a solo driver would need by having teams switch off driving duties. Driving as a team means you will be spending a lot of time with your teammate and that can present a few challenges for the both of you. Below we have complied some tips to help you overcome those challenges as a team!

Develop Your Own System:

Discuss your expectations with each other so you can both meet those expectations. Things like time management, when each driver will be able to rest and how to maximize the potential for your team. Find out what system works the best for both of you!

Make Communication A Priority:

One of the most important aspects of being a professional driver is communication. Make sure both drivers are checking in with your dispatchers, supervisors and the loading docks. If your teammate is asleep or out of the cab when the other learns some new information, relay that information to your partner.

Sharing Space:

A truck’s living space is small, so you and your partner need to agree on how much room in each storage areas in the truck can be taken by your belongings. You also need to figure out how splitting space in your refrigerator is going to work as well. You and your partner need to have a conversation and make compromises with each other.

Do Every Job Together:

Loading, unloading, and driving should all be a part of the team responsibilities, this is especially important for drivers with little experience. Taking turns backing into docks, driving in dangerous weather and navigating through traffic are good ideas for helping new drivers build experience. You don’t want to have a “main” driver and the other driver not know how to handle any specific situation in an emergency.

  Trust Your Partner:

Trusting your partner is a must. You are going to be relying on each other every day and night to make it to your destination safely. You don’t want to be sleeping with “one eye open” because you don’t feel like you can’t trust your partner 100% while they are driving.

It will take effort and commitment from both drivers to be a successful team. But with the right person, driving as team can be a great experience for both of you!

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