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Over 60 Years in the Trucking Industry

Over sixty years ago, Witte was founded on the premise that farmers needed their livestock and feed transported in a timely and efficient manner. Today, the service offerings are very different, but two things remain steadfast: customer service and attention to detail.

In 1978, Witte’s leadership recognized the need to transition into the refrigerated food market. That move catapulted Witte into a front-runner position as they transformed refrigerated transport.  After fifteen years of providing this refrigerated service, Witte owners realized there wasn’t an efficient manner for carriers to carry LTL. Once again, Witte transitioned and in 1992 created a program to carry LTL refrigerated freight in a timely and effective manner.

Today, industry standards are once again changing, calling upon us to meet the challenges and demands of our customers. Witte Bros. recently designed a new consolidation model to service every sector of our customer base. With the addition of our state-of-the art warehouse facility, we can help our customers grow and succeed in the years ahead.