LTL Services

When you work with Witte Bros. Exchange (WBE) for LTL shipping services, you get a competitive advantage. We have the equipment, the drivers, and the technology to provide safe and reliable freight and logistics solutions that ensure your LTL shipments get delivered in a timely manner.

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Why LTL?

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping is essential for transporting smaller, and more frequent shipments. LTL shipping provides an affordable solution for businesses to ship pallets that do not require the use of an entire trailer. WBE’s LTL services combine freight to create a full truckload shipment which allows you to maximize efficiency, maintain visibility, and reduce cost.

Advantages of Witte Bros. Exchange LTL Shipping Services

As your reliable business partner, WBE works seamlessly with you to deliver product and we pride ourselves on being an extension of your company. As a transportation company with over 60 years of industry experience in the shipping industry, we provide benefits to our customers that you just can’t get from other LTL shipping companies.

Efficient Distribution Program

Our distribution facility is centrally located in Troy, MO which allows our LTL carriers to get your product where it needs to be throughout the nation.

Our shipping & logistics operation combines all available LTL shipments into the appropriate truckloads to ensure flexibility and the most timely deliveries possible while considering your specialized delivery needs. We ensure our LTL shipping solutions meet your needs by providing:

  • Full EDI capabilities for the electronic exchange of information
  • Online order entry
  • Real-time load tracking so you can track your orders online from your desk
  • Document imaging for ease of accessing Proof-Of-Delivery (POD) receipts
  • Freight billing via email, fax, or mail to reduce costs and save time
  • Well-maintained equipment fitted with next-generation mobile communication to ensure up-time of our service and minimize issues

Temperature-Controlled LTL Carriers

We offer temperature-controlled shipping services with our dependable frozen and refrigerated LTL carriers. We ensure that your perishable food and temp-controlled products are maintained throughout the entire shipping process. We also provide a state-of-the-art cold storage warehouse to house product between LTL shipments.

Experienced LTL Shipping Company

Witte Bros. Exchange is dedicated to providing our customers with customer service that not only meets but exceeds expectations. For high-quality LTL services from transportation pros, contact us today!


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