Logistics &
Transport Services

Our logistics operation combines all available shipments into the appropriate truckloads to ensure flexibility and the most timely deliveries possible while considering your specialized delivery needs.

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Refrigerated & Frozen LTL Service
with Timely Access to your Market Area

Our centralized location in Troy, MO positions our distribution in the center of the United States allowing Witte to get your product where it needs to be in a timely and efficient manner utilizing a state-of-the-art distribution process. Witte works seamlessly with the customer to deliver product and we pride ourselves on being an extension of your company.

Tools to ensure our solution meets your needs:

  • Full EDI capabilities for the electronic exchange of information
  • Available Internet on-line order entry
  • Internet real-time load tracking so you can track your orders on-line from your desk
  • Document imaging for ease of accessing Proof-Of-Delivery (POD) receipts
  • Freight billing via email, fax, or regular mail to reduce costs and save time
  • Well-maintained equipment fitted with Next-generation mobile communication to ensure up-time of our service and minimize service failures
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Customized Delivery to Fit Your Needs

We can offer special delivery services for your customers. Some of our current delivery programs include:

  • Carry-in delivery into your customers’ facilities
  • Special school delivery
  • Storefront delivery
  • Fundraiser delivery
  • Local, state, and federal prison delivery

Over 60 years in business. We are your logistics solution.

Easy Access to our Distribution Program

Whether or not your shipping facility is located in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, our distribution program is available to you in two convenient options:

  • We can make arrangements to pick up your shipments directly with our own equipment and bring them to our distribution facility for processing, or
  • You can have your products delivered to our distribution facility on your own truck or via an outside carrier of your choice

Centrally located, we ship all across the country.


“I had to do delivery and pickup here and realized that a company like this, I would say, is hard to find at this days, where deliveries and picks perfectly on time with good and fast service! Nice, clean, and quiet overnight parking lot here I was offered from the receiving office due to early arrival. Great place and friendly people!!!”
~ Bobby J.

“Great company to do business with their operations department is top notch, going above and beyond to make sure if any issues arise they are addressed quickly. My billing is always received timely and accurate.”
~ Brady S.

“Very friendly, had me unloaded and reloaded very quickly.”
~ Jessie R.