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Studying For Your CDL Permit Test

When you enroll at Witte Truck Driving School, one of the things we ask you to do is to get your CDL permit before the first day of class. This is because we want to get you into a truck and driving as soon as possible. But, to get your CDL permit you will have to take and pass a three part written test. Below you find some studying tips designed to help you pass your CDL permit test.

The Requirements To Take The Test:

The first thing you will want to make sure of is that you meet the requirements to even take the test. The requirements you will need to meet are:

  • Have a current and valid driver’s license
  • Be 21 years old for drivers that will be operating across state lines or hauling hazardous materials
  • Ability to pass a physical exam

The Three Sections On The Test:

General knowledge: 

You will be tested on what you know about driving and transporting cargo safely.  Questions will consist of vehicle controls, securing cargo, driving in inclement weather, accident procedures, etc.

Air Brakes: 

Tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles use air brakes unlike non-commercial vehicles that use hydraulic brakes. This part of the test will be about how the air brake systems work.

Combination Vehicles:

Since you will be driving a combination vehicle, you will need to pass this portion of the test as well. This part of test focuses safe driving and inspections for tractor-trailers.

Read The Book:

Each state has their own unique CDL handbooks so make sure you get your handbook from your local DMV or your state’s DMV website. Subjects found in a state’s CDL DMV handbook include:

  • Applying for a CDL
  • Transporting cargo and passengers
  • Air brakes
  • Combination vehicles
  • Towing trailers
  • Tank vehicles
  • Transporting hazardous material
  • On road driving exam

Review The Study Guide:

Study guides are available in paper and digital form. State requirements and regulations vary so make sure to get a study guide that is accurate to your state. Ask your local DMV about where to find study guides for your state. The study guides will provide answers to CDL permit test questions and help prepare you to be a safe and capable driver.

Studying Methods:

Now that you know what you should study and how to get that information here are some studying methods that might work for you:

Rewrite – Copying down information by hand can help you retain that information, especially if you do it repeatedly. Summarizing in your own words, rewriting material word for word, or just taking notes are all options for rewriting that can help you retain that knowledge.

Read Aloud – Reading through the CDL manual and study guides and reading them aloud to yourself or someone else can help you retain that information.

Flash Cards – Flash cards are the ultimate study tool. To make flash cards you have to read, write and summarize the information. After the flash cards are created you can read them aloud or quietly in your head.

Practice Tests – After you review the material you can take a practice test to see how much you have retained. Use your test results to determine what topics you know and what information you need to review again.

Once You Are Done Studying:

Find out if you can walk in and take the test or if you need to make an appointment ahead of time. Make sure you have the necessary documentation because you will have to apply in person at your local DMV. Most DMVs will need a birth certificate, passport, naturalization documents or current immigration documentation and  you will need to show proof of residency, you can prove residency with these documents:

  • Tax records
  • Lease agreements
  • Mortgage documents
  • W-2 form
  • Current weapons permit
  • Current utility bills

Once you have your CDL permit you are ready to start class at Witte Truck Driving School and to start your new career! Enroll today at





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