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Tips For Staying Cool In The Summer

When the summer season hits it can affect a lot of jobs, but it can be especially inconvenient to truck drivers. Whether you are a seasoned driver or if you are relatively early in your career, you’ll want to make sure you are taking the proper precautions during the summer months. So, with summer officially arriving, drivers should know these 10 hot weather tips.



Staying hydrated during the summer months is a must. You should keep a case of water bottles in the cabin with you. Staying hydrated will help you avoid feeling sluggish and exhausted.

Protect Yourself From The Sun:

Sun will shine through the driver’s side window of the truck, so it is important to use sunscreen daily. Hats, sunglasses, and long-sleeve shirts will help keep your skin and eyes protected from the sun and its harmful UV rays.

Watch Weather Forecasts:

Summer weather can be unpredictable. During the summer months, there will be thunderstorms as well as extreme heatwaves. Thunderstorms can lead to slick roads that can be a nightmare for summer driving. And hot temperatures can have a huge impact on your brakes as well as tires. You should always perform regular inspections to be safe and prepared for these situations.

Be Prepared For Summer Traffic:

During the summer months, roads tend to be more crowded since families are taking vacations and more people have time off work. Heavy traffic can present more danger for you, so make sure you are alert and remain aware of other vehicles on the road.

Use A Blanket (To Sit On):

Many trucks are made with leather seating, which can get extremely hot during the summertime. So, using a blanket or seat cover to sit on when getting into the truck will help protect your body.

Ice Packs And Cold Compresses:

Ice packs can help keep you cool when you are driving over the road. If you find you are getting hot often, you can pack a cooler full of ice packs and frozen water bottles to put on your neck to help you cool off.

Keep Your Window Cracked:

When you can do so safely, cracking opening your windows just a bit when you can help promote ventilation throughout your cab.

Koozies And Stainless Steel Tumbler:

Having a koozie in your cup holder will help keep any drink cold whether it’s in a bottle or can. And if it is too hot for a koozie, stainless steel tumblers are the way to go. The double-wall vacuum insulation and the fact that stainless steel is a poor conductor will keep your drink cold for hours with or without air conditioning.

Park In The Shade:

Park in a shaded area when possible. Avoiding direct sunlight will help keep the steering wheel and other surfaces from getting too hot.

Park With Your Tractor To The Sun:

When you can’t park in the shade try to use your trailer to block the sub from shining into your cab. Even if you are bobtailing, parking facing away from the sun will hopefully help block out the sun.






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