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Valentine’s Day has existed for over three centuries with the concept of Valentine’s Day greetings and messages becoming a tradition around the 1400s. In the United States, this romantic holiday started to become properly celebrated around the 17th century. So, it isn’t just a holiday that the Hallmark card company made up, it is derived from a patron saint – Saint Valentine.

One thing that Valentine’s Day and Witte Bros. have in common is a rich history! This year, to honor the rich history of Valentine’s Day, our very loved and cherished drivers and employees were enlisted to help write this blog.

We tasked some of our drivers and office, shop and warehouse employees with answering two questions:

  • What do you love about your job?
  • What do you love working at Witte?

Enjoy some of the thoughtful responses our employees provided to us:

“This is by far the easiest job I’ve had. But what sets this company apart from the others I’ve worked with is the support staff. I’ve never felt like I’ve been a burden, even when I get another DSS. Everyone tackles the issue like it’s their own favorite driver. That’s priceless.”

“Dispatchers are friendly and as helpful as you need them to be.”

“I love how much freedom I have from being able to make a lot of decisions myself and never really have supervision per say. But if I need help or guidance dispatch always is there to help!”

“I love the friends I work with, the drivers, the purpose.  We all have a purpose here and we all pick each other up. I love that we all want the same thing. And we are here for each other when we are at our lowest or highest. We care about each other and don’t shy away from hard work, because it is how we all succeed. “

“I love that I’m always getting to learn new things and be pushed to succeed, and family oriented it is and how everyone here would give the shirt off their back for anyone here.”

“I love the people I work with and the atmosphere, we are all family!”

“I enjoy working for Witte Brothers as a driver because they make me feel respected and I believe genuinely care about my success. I enjoy my co-workers and getting to know them, laugh with them etc.”

“Witte brothers for me is a perfect fit the home time offers me the best of both worlds I wander the country and return home to be with my family. I have always made better than standard industry pay at Witte brothers. The fact is at Witte brothers I have always been treated as a friend and family.”

“I particularly love the warm family atmosphere and team-oriented environment.”

“I love the face-paced, challenging tasks and that I get to work with people I consider my friends every day!”

“It’s different here, the office staff always greets people with respect and smiles, no matter what’s going in their personal life. Love the yearly picnics. The look on people faces when they see the new truck or a person asking about the company.  When you talk to other drivers, and hear their stories, you learn how good you have it.”

“There is a family feel and a family-oriented environment that wants me to succeed. Not just succeed financially but in my career. When I run into an issue, my “Witte family” helps me get it resolved so I can get back on the road.”

“Love the friendly and supportive office staff. Also because of the responsive and efficient maintenance staff.”

“I love that each day is different than the one before.  That is the best thing about transportation –no monotony each day comes with a new challenge. I love the people and the upbeat environment.  Positivity goes a long way in making your job enjoyable.”

“I love working at Witte because everyone is so nice and friendly, it makes for an awesome work environment that you look forward to going to everyday. I like getting to know the customers and build lasting relationships with them while getting their product moved efficiently.”

“Being a Witte driver is more about joining a community instead of a job, from day one everyone knew me by name, and everyone treats me like a human, not a truck number. Knowing everyone has stuff going on outside of the truck and off the road.”

“I love my job at Witte because my coworkers are all nice with a great sense of humor. Everyone in the warehouse works together very well, and they keep me laughing throughout the day. I love that the environment is calm and relaxed. Love being part of the Witte team!”

“What I love about working at Witte is what makes me love my job.  No matter the day or time, if you look listen, you will hear laughter or see a smiling face somewhere in the building.”

“One thing I love about driving for Witte Bros is our reputation out on the job. Witte cares about their business and cares about their drivers.”

“Love the friendly and supportive office staff. Also because of the responsive and efficient maintenance staff.”

Here at Witte City, we are thankful each day to have such loyal, caring and kind employees and drivers. We could write a book filled with all the amazing responses we received about how much they all love being a part of the Witte family. Likewise, we could also write a novel on how much we love our employees, but we’ll keep it short and sweet – we love and appreciate you all!

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