2019 Holiday Gift Guide – Driver Edition

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Holiday Gift Guide

Gift giving is a very personal act and wonderful holiday tradition for everyone. If you are a truck driver or have a family member or friend who is one, hopefully this gift guide will help you pick out the perfect present for a professional driver this Christmas. This professional driver gift guide has ideas for fun, practical and even sentimental gifts that the professional driver in your life would probably love to have.

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Food and “Kitchen” Gifts

We all love our food and if you are driving OTR a lot, it is a challenge to avoid eating fast-food or eating out a lot. Many drivers also enjoy bringing food from home that is easy to prepare or heat up as a way to save money too. These gives are great for drivers who enjoy a delicious, warm meal like it came right out of the oven or off the stove top.

RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove

HotLogic Mini – comes in multiple colors too!

Crock Pot “Lunch Crock” Food Warmer

RoadPro 12-V Slow Cooker

hot logic

Techy Gadgets

Technology is always changing and evolving, and it is especially changing the way the transportation industry operations. Here are a few more tech ideas that you can’t go wrong with:

Bluetooth Headset – every driver needs a hands-free headset for communication, and this is a very affordable option with good reviews!

Nano Travel Router – pocket sized wireless router for extended Wi-Fi range, a hot spot, etc.

While we provide ELD devices and GPS for our drivers, in addition to TVs in the trucks these are still all good gift ideas for those who don’t have them in their trucks already! You could also consider gifting a game station like an Xbox or PlayStation for when drivers have down time to play games and watch movies on. Additionally, consider purchasing a subscription to SiriusXMRadio, Amazon Prime (for Prime Video and Books), Netflix, Hulu, etc.

For the Organized Driver

Spending most of their time in a small space is likely to cause some disorganization at some point, but these gift ideas are a great way to keep everything in its proper place and the truck looking nice and tidy!

Portable Clipboard

Portable Waterproof Toiletries Caddy – extra bonus points if you make sure it is stocked.

Cab Commander

Trash Commander


Personal Items

This list of gifts are personal items we think drivers would appreciate having while they are OTR and away from home. The goal with these gift ideas is to make life easier and more comfortable for you while you are OTR.

Ultrasonic Portable Humidifier

Polarized Sunglasses

Leatherman Multi-Tool – these can be custom made too based on personal preferences of the individual and their favorite tools to keep handy.

Demo Multi-Tool

Heated Blanket

Keychain – the perfect custome gift for your driver


This is just a quick list guide with a variety of options to give you inspiration if you are still looking for gifts for the professional drivers in your life. Other great items that a driver would appreciate getting would be things like a battery operated or USB portable fan, seat cushions or pillows, leather gloves, reading lights, bright flashlights, good quality shirts (thick flannels and coats for this time of year, keyrings and more!

Happy shopping!

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