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Tips For Rush Hour

Rush hour is the peak part of the day during which traffic congestion on roads and crowding on public transport is at its highest. This usually happens twice every weekday, once in the morning and once in the afternoon or evening. For a professional driver, rush hour can be frustrating. Below we have a few tips for drivers to help manage rush hour.

TimeBudget For Slow Downs:

Make sure you are allowing for enough time to make it to your delivery on time by giving yourself an extra few hours to your drivetime and pinpointing areas, like cities, that will likely have high traffic. Adding a few hours to your drive time will help you avoid stress if you run into rush hour because you will be prepared.

Leave Room

Leave Room Between You And The Vehicle In Front Of You:

Don’t ride the rear of the vehicle in front of you to speed them up. The driver in front of you is in the same situation as you, if they could move faster they probably would. It can be extremely dangerous if you don’t and you could cause an accident. Remember that trucks require a greater stopping distance than your car and therefore takes longer to stop.

InformedStay Informed:

Use your radio or a smartphone app to stay up to date on travel advisories before you go out on the road. The more informed you are about the weather and traffic conditions of the areas you are going to be in, the more prepared you will be for the drive ahead of you.

Using these tips will help not only keep you safe, but it will also help you avoid stress. Please stay safe while you are on the road!



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