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Tips For Saving Money While Driving OTR

Managing your money and time are two of the most important aspects to being a successful professional driver. As a professional driver you are working hard and driving all day, every day; and you know how difficult it can be to save money while driving over-the-road. Below you can find professional driver budget and money saving tips that can help you develop a strategy to maximize your income.


Keep track of how you are spending your money. Using a smartphone app, an online service or just a plain notebook can help you keep track of how you are spending your money and help you plan how you want to spend your money.

Plan and Be Prepared:

Planning and being prepared can help you stop buying things at truck stops and stores. Buying food can be a big daily expensive, so if you are able to pack and bring food with you, you will be saving money and eating healthier. Having a first aid and personal care kit can also help you avoid buying things you may already have at home.

loyalty programLoyalty Programs:

If you do frequent business with certain stores or food establishments, check, and see if they have a loyalty program and join it. It is usually and easy process to sign-up for these programs and your purchases can turn into free stuff and discounts. Check out our blog on some truck stop rewards programs you should know about.

CDL Discounts:

A lot of businesses offer special discounts for professional drivers. This a common practice for a lot of food service and hospitality businesses that serve CDL drivers on a regular basis. If you stop at a restaurant, hotel, store, etc. there is a chance that they offer a discount!

While living on the road, it can be a challenge to save money. There are a lot of opportunities and reason to spend your money while you are over-the-road. Using the above tips can help you be mindful of your spending and save you money.



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