Benefits of Team Driving Witte

Benefits of Team Driving for Witte Bros.

When it comes to truck driving, most people think of doing it solo, but what if you don’t want to do drive alone? You might want to explore the possibility of pairing up with a partner and driving as a team! When you drive as a team, two people share the responsibility, truck and the drive time. Here are some the benefits of team driving at Witte Bros.

  • More Money – Team drivers are able to put in more miles with less downtime. This leads to bigger paydays because companies are willing to invest more in order to ship their goods fasters, safer and on time.
  • Paid For Every Mile – If you are driving as a part of team, you are paid for every mile whether you are driving or not!
  • More Profitable For Couples – You can work with your husband, wife, life partner or significant other since you probably already have a comfortable dynamic that allows you to work well with each other. It is also more profitable for those who share the same bank account because you just need to split the miles and not the money!
  • More Flexibility – With a teammate you are able to plan the hours in which you drive and sleep, which allows the product to always be moving from point A to point B while both drivers are well-rested and comfortable with a schedule the suits your individual needs.
  • More Time At Home – The time it would take a solo driver to drive the same route, you could already be at home spending time with your family.
  • Less Lonely On The Road – With someone in the truck with you, life on the road will be less lonely.
  • An Extra Set Of Eyes On The Road – Having an extra set of eyes can help you deal with rough road conditions or detours. They could even help you find a tough parking spot.
  • More Priority Loads – If freight needs to get somewhere fast, teams are considered before solos since they are able to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time.
  • Your Truck And Freight Are Never Left Unattended – If one driver goes to get food or take a shower, the other can keep an eye on the freight and truck.
  • You Get To Pick Your Partner – With being a team truck driver, you get to pick your partner, whether that be your significant other, friend or family member!
  • Sign On Bonus – The sign on bonus for team drivers in $5,000.00


Other benefits include: 7 weeks off a year, weekly home time, health, dental, and vision insurance, bonus pay, 401(k) retirement plan, driver referral program, and being eligible for incremental pay increases.

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