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Top 4 Most-Haunted Roads in the U.S.

Spooky season has arrived! Halloween can sometimes be a very underrated holiday, but to many it is their favorite holiday. This time of year is filled with haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkin patch visits and of course trick-or-treating. While haunted houses are one of the very popular Halloween season pastimes, there are still other ways to scare and be scared during this spooky season, especially as a professional driver.

If you are out traveling over-the-road around Halloween time, beware of some of these spooky roads that are deemed some of the most haunted roads to travel in the United States:

Highway 93 in Arizona

This stretch of road is also known as “Blood Alley” and stretches between Kingman, AZ (near the Nevada border) and Wickenburg, AZ. This curvy and hilly road that goes through the canyons of Arizona was re-done in the 1908s to make it much safer, is infamous for the hundreds who have died along it. From massive pileups to cars randomly veering off the road and drivers misjudging the turns, it didn’t take long for locals to suspect that Blood Alley was cursed. Rumor has it, during the nighttime hours it isn’t uncommon to encounter apparitions, ghosts or other unexplained visions along and even in the middle of the road.

US Rute 93S Kingman AZ Las Vegas NV

Junction at Route 222 and 125 near Cincinnati

Located just east of Cincinnati is a perpendicular junction where Routes 222 and 125 meet called Dead Man’s Curve. History states that the deadly reputation of this spot began in 1969 when a tragic accident occurred when 5 teenagers were killed by a speeding car. Since that time, it is said a ghost of a faceless hitchhiker haunts the intersection. According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, the crash rate on this Innerbelt is 2-3 times more than the regional average for urban freeways despite the reduced speed limits.

dead mans curve 8

Cherry Valley Road

Cherry Valley Road is one that isn’t often traveled by OTR drivers, but it still receives some traffic and is located between Rockford, IL and Genoa, IL. This road also meets a road that is called “Bloods Point Road” which just adds to the scariness even more. The location of these two roads are considered rural, hence the lack of regular traffic but if you find yourself traveling down it, watch out for ghosts. The ghosts that haunt this road are alleged to be from a fatal school bus crash at a bridge a little way down the road.

Bloods Point Road

Highway 191

The “Highway to Hell” had such a bad reputation for being haunted it was renamed to what people call it down, Highway 191. The previous, Highway 666, runs north to south in Utah from Crescent Junction to Mexican Water in Arizona. It is also known as the Devil’s Highway. Drivers on this highway have been said to encounter unexplainable sightings and other strange things. This road not only houses a lot of ghosts, phantoms and other evil spirits it also has an unusually high number of accidents and fatalities that have been blamed on a black sedan that runs people off the road, not to mention the pack of Hellhounds that is said to attack drivers too.


There are many other roads throughout the US that are haunted, but many of those go through small towns and are rarely, if ever, frequented by any type of vehicle traffic. Witte drivers frequent some of the roads mentioned here in this blog, Highway 93 being a route some drivers travel once a week and the junction at Route 222 and 125 about once a month. So far, we have had no reports of any hauntings or spooky encounters, but after looking into the famed haunted history of these roads it proves that even our professional drivers can experience some haunted places this Halloween while they are over-the-road!

P.S. Even if you aren’t going to be in areas that are heavy with trick-or-treating traffic, you never know if you will be in an area that is frequented by trick-or-treaters or a spot that parents may drive their kids around to make stops for candy, so keep a watchful eye out for the extra traffic (vehicle and pedestrian traffic) this Halloween!

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