Driver Appreciation Picnic 11 9 16

Driver Appreciation Picnic

Driver Appreciation Picnic…

was hosted on September 17, 2016, at our main terminal. Many families enjoyed the day with the driver truck rodeo, petting zoo, and awards ceremony. The following employees received awards for their achievements: 5-Year Bronze Club Inductees:
  • Dale Comstock
  • William Klaric
  • Donald Phillips
  • David Watts
  • Russ Folsom
  • Diane Holmes
  • Johnathan Pessetti
  • Jeffery Montgomery
  10-Year Silver Club Inductees:
  • Patrick Wilsonholme
  • Charles Shoup
  25-Year Diamond Inductee:
  • Thomas Wagner
  30-Year President Club Inductee:
  • Elmer Riegel
  35-Year President Club Inductee:
  • Ronnie Johnson
  We were very happy to present Elmer and Ronnie with new Browning hunting rifles, with Swarovski scopes as appreciation for their years of service. Thank you again Elmer and Ronnie
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