Why Professional Driving Is A Good Career Choice For Veterans

By September 30, 2021 Tips, Trucking Careers

Returning veterans can have a difficult time finding jobs and returning to living an everyday American lifestyle. A great solution for many veterans is a career in professional driving.

The skills and experience veterans gain while in service are both needed and appreciated in the professional driving industry. Veterans are tech savvy, motivated hard workers and have often worked with heavy equipment while in service. Even those who have not operated heavy equipment still possess the work ethic that make a professional driver great.

Below there are a few of the skills learned while in service that are a necessity in the driving industry:


Self-discipline is a well-known characteristic for anyone in the military. Professional drivers will need the discipline to make their deliveries on time, wake up on time, and to drive a truck in general. Professional drivers are responsible for every action taken on the road.

Situational Awareness:

It is important for service members to always know their surroundings. Drivers need to be aware of the environment they are in at all times because tractor trailers can be extremely dangerous in the hands of an unaware driver.


Being dependable is very important for service members. Both the boss and the customer are depending on drivers to make their deliveries on time.  It is up to the driver to stay on top of their runs and mileage to make all their deliveries on time.


In the military, those in service always rely on one another to achieve their goals. Being a solo driver does not mean they are not part of a team. It takes the teamwork of dispatchers, warehouse workers, drivers, operations managers, etc. to get the job done.

Mental Stamina:

Military service, like truck driving, requires a lot of focus and mental strain. Professional driving requires a lot of mental stamina to avoid highway hypnosis (when a driver operates a vehicle in a dulled, drowsy, trance-like state) and fatigue after driving long hours.


While in service there are times where staying focused on the task at hand for a long stretch at a time is necessary. Being able to stay focused while over the road for several days at a time and maintaining mental and physical stamina is very important.


Driving conditions can change in an instant. Just like service members need to adapt to every circumstance, professional drivers must be able to make adjustments based on sudden changes in road conditions, weather, other driver’s actions and more.

There are other benefits for veterans making the career choice of being a professional driver as well. Professional driving offers great pay and benefits; Witte’s first year driver’s average $45,000-$65,000 and top drivers average $100,000+. Other benefits for driving for Witte Bros. include weekly home time, 401(k) retirement plan, company paid life insurance and health, dental and vision insurance.

As can be seen, the driving industry is a place where the skills learned while serving can be applied and used to all veteran’s advantage. The driving industry is a great place to start a new career after your time serving in the military.