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10 Accessories To Make Driving Over The Road More Comfortable

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Being a Professional Driver, it is important to make your truck and cab feel like your own and to make it as enjoyable of an experience as possible. So, while these items are not must-haves, having these accessories can help improve and make your life over the road more comfortable. Take a look at the list below for some professional driver accessories that you might not have considered before.

Seat Cushion

As a professional driver, you spend much of your day sitting. Investing in a high-quality seat cushion is good for your back and make your day sitting at the wheel much more comfortable.

Lumbar Support Cushion

Long sitting sessions can result in backache and stiff legs due to insufficient support. A lumbar support cushion can help you relieve some of the strain off of your back muscles.

Front Seat Organizer

A front seat organizer will help keep your front seats organized and keep everything within arm’s reach. It can attach to the passenger seat and store cellphones, reading glasses, sunglasses, laptop, pens, etc.

Waterproof Car Trashcan

Instead of using plastic bags as trashcans, a waterproof trashcan specifically built for cars and trucks are sturdier and prevent liquids from spilling.


A fan that can be plugged into a 12-volt outlet in your cab allows for extra air circulation in your truck whenever you need it.

Portable TV Antenna

With a portable TV antenna, you can watch live TV and be able to pick up local channels.

Mount On Steering Wheel Laptop Desk

A mount on desk attaches to your steering wheel and it can be used as a work desk or an eating table. These are great for if you are short on time at a truck stop eating or filling out paperwork.

Sunshade Cover

Sunshade covers go over your windshield and help keep your truck cool by blocking out sunlight while parked. If you drive at night and sleep during the day, this can also help your truck dark while you sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress Cover

The mattress in your cab might not be the most comfortable. A memory foam mattress cover can make sleeping more comfortable for you and help give you a better night’s sleep.

Electric Blanket

At night, your cab can get cold, so having an electric blanket on hand can help keep you warm.

Staying comfortable when you are a professional driver can be a challenge for some. These driving accessories can provide you with some advantages to keep yourself comfortable while you are driving over-the-road.



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