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What Makes The Witte Bros. Driver Training Program Great

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If you already have your CDL and you want to drive for Witte Bros. and take advantage of our great pay and benefits, but you only have 3-12 months of over-the-road experience then consider taking part in the Witte Bros. driver training program. The Witte Bros. training program is designed to prepare a new driver for success with a hyper focus on safety. Witte Bros. offers paid training, so you can make up to $525 a week while you are out with your trainer. The training program can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on the driver’s capability.

With the Witte Bros. training program you will receive over-the-road training with a professional Witte Bros. driver performing all the tasks that will be required as a normal driver. The Witte Bros. training program will allow a new CDL-A holder to adjust to life on the road, long driving hours, and DOT compliance. Witte Bros. will match you with a hand-picked trainer to help guide and coach you as a new driver. The relationship between trainee and trainer will continue on after your training has ended.

Being successful as a trainee is solely dependent on you because you, your trainer, and Witte’s safety department must agree that you are ready for solo dispatch.


The qualifications you will need to meet in order to be a Witte Bros. trainee are:

After you complete your training and are officially a member of the Witte team, you can expect to have these great benefits:





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