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National Frozen Food Month

Frozen food month

Did you know that Americans spend more than $49 billion on frozen foods annually? March 2021 is the 37th National Food Month, and Witte Bros. is one of the logistics companies responsible for hauling refrigerated and frozen products. There are important steps and rules to get the frozen foods you buy to your local grocery store.


When frozen food gets transported to grocery stores, there are specific rules that logistics companies have to follow. There are rules about what foods can travel together, there are specific temperatures that the vehicle can’t go above or below, different customers might have their own rules we have to follow, ect.


When frozen food needs to be hauled, logistics companies use something called the cold chain process. The cold chain is a logistics management process for products that require the refrigerated temperatures that customers demand, that process involves a chain of tasks to prepare, store and transport products along the cold supply chain. Witte is a third-party logistics company that serves the lower 48 states. Our cold storage facility is located in Troy, MO and allows us to easily transport around the country. The steps of the cold chain process are:

Remember next time you buy frozen food, all the steps and the drivers it took to get to your freezer!





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