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How Did Your Christmas Tree Get To You?

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Even though Witte Bros. does not haul Christmas trees, we were still curious about how drivers are involved in the process of getting your Christmas trees to you. Each year 25-30 million real Christmas trees are purchased in America. Have you ever wondered how those trees get to you? It turns out that drivers have a role in this.

The United States has 15,000 Christmas tree farms. While each state does grow and harvest these trees; Oregon, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Washington, New York, and Virginia are the top Christmas tree producers in the country.

Each tree starts as a seed in a greenhouse and are then grown for seven to eight years before they can be harvested for the Christmas season. Trees are allowed to grow freely for three years before farmers begin to trim them to the classic Christmas tree look that we know and love.

Once the trees are grown and trimmed a team of workers, with the help from helicopters, come in to chop them down and harvest them.

Then they are baled and ready to be loaded into the truck.

Once the trees are loaded the truck brings the trees to a railroad station where between 550 and 750 trees are stacked into each rail car and transported to locations around the country. Once the trees arrive to their destination, they will be reloaded onto a truck to be brought to a store to be purchased.

So whenever you see your tree in your house, remember the drivers that got it there.



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