10 Interesting Facts About Tractor Trailers

By May 7, 2021 Tips

The tractor-trailer has been around for over 120 years. If you have ever driven on the highway, you have no doubt passed by a one of these trucks along the way. With 2 million trucks operating in the United States, people are constantly sharing the road with these 18 wheelers, but how much do you actually know about tractor-trailers? The list below contains 10 interesting, facts you might not know about these trucks!

1.) The average weight of a loaded tractor-trailer is 80,000 pounds. That is equal to about 23 small cars or roughly 450 people.

2.) Part of that weight is liquid. The average amount of fuel an 18-wheel uses is 20,500 gallons, meanwhile a passenger vehicle uses about 500.

3.) The typical tractor diesel engine weight 3,000 pounds and pack over 500 horsepower and almost 2,000 pounds of torque.

4.) A tractor-trailer is about 70-80 feet long, on average, combining the tractor and trailer. The length can vary based on the type of tractor, the type of trailer and state requirements.

5.) Of the nearly 2 million tractor-trailers that operate in the United States one third of them are registered in California, Texas, and Florida following in third place.

6.) Freightliner is the number one seller of tractor trucks, selling over 1/3 of the 190,000 trucks sold annually. Followed close behind them are other names you might recognize like Peterbilt and Mack.

7.) All of the tractor-trailers on the road drive a collective 140 billion miles on average each year.

8.) In a year, the average tractor will drive 45,000 miles, but for long haul drivers the average is closer to 100,000 miles driven in a year.

9.) Tractor-trailers are responsible for transporting the majority of goods in the United States. On average, trucks transport 70% of the domestic freight every year and most imports from both Mexico and Canada.

10.) The first tractor-trailer was created in 1898 by Alexander Winton. Winton was a car maker and wanted to find a way to transport his vehicles to their new owners without them taking any wear and tear on their way there.